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Music Voyager ROAD TO A GRAMMY

Postby azzie » Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:05 pm

TV Series Profiles Bela Fleck For "Road To A Grammy®" Special

The Music Voyager TV series gives viewers a backstage pass to the most popular and fascinating music from around the world.

DECEMBER 17, 2009 – Music Voyager, a new TV series that gives viewers a backstage pass to the most popular and fascinating music from around the world, announced that the first artist profiled in its ROAD TO A GRAMMY® special is Bela Fleck, the amazing banjo player who holds the distinction of having received GRAMMY nominations in more categories than anyone else.

The Road to a GRAMMY special aims to tear down the wall between artists and fans, expanding beyond the traditional avenues of hearing the work that the artists have been nominated for and seeing their acceptance speeches. The special gives fans a more personal experience by showing them the road that has brought the artist to their GRAMMY nomination(s).

In the build up to the star-studded GRAMMY awards ceremony on January 31, 2010, Music Voyager host Jacob Edgar will travel across the US and beyond to visit five nominees for the 52nd GRAMMY Awards and invite them to give viewers an exclusive look at their personal background and inspirations.

Music Voyager will profile and film artist Bela Fleck while he is on tour in Colorado in December 2009. Fleck, one of the most prolific, creative and cross-genre artists in the world, will share his unique views on the flavor and temperature of music in America, as showcased after having been nominated in more categories than any other artist for a GRAMMY award.

The series is distributed in the U.S. through American Public Television, ( to PBS stations across the country, and internationally on various broadcast partners.
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